Off-Season Strategies for Golf Course Blog Posting

Off-Season Strategies for Golf Course Blog Posting

Can You Trust Your Golf Course Employees to Blog Post for your Facility?

If you can’t trust them to write a blog post / article for your golf course, then why did you hire them?

Now we’re not talking about whether you can trust them to spell correctly or use proper grammar. Obviously it’s a good idea to have someone else check over the post for those kinds of mistakes before publishing the article for the world to see.

What we’re talking about is the idea that you don’t trust your employee(s) to be able to write about what you do, why you do them or what sets you apart from the competition. If you don’t trust that they can do that in a meaningful way, then you’ve got other issues on your hand.

Once you’ve figured how your Golf Course is going to utilize a Blog / News, and you’ve brainstormed a list of topics, find the people at your course who want to write about that and you know are passionate about what you’re trying to do and set them loose. Certainly, be involved in the first few articles to make sure things are on the right track. But once you know they’re not going to encourage the killing of baby seals for sport, you can relax and encourage them to write their thoughts on the golf industry. Who knows, you might even find out something interesting about your own golf course in the process.

The off-season can be an important time of year to educate yourself and your staff on building your online reputation.

Some areas to focus on in the off-season can include;

  • Brush up on your Photoshop skills
  • Learn more about what technology exists to help streamline your social media efforts
  • Register for a Social Media Marketing Seminar or Bootcamp
  • Pre-load and schedule a variety of Blog Posts
  • Create a consistent branding strategy (image layout, color scheme, tone, etc.) for your Social Media

Performing any of the above objectives can prove to be a very valuable time management strategy. All Golf Professionals are extremely busy once the season begins, and time should not be overly invested in growing your social media reach. Spending personal time with your Members and Guests should take priority. So take some time this off-season and learn how to streamline your Social Media Posts and Blog Posts, which will save you valuable time once the season kicks off in the spring.

Up and coming Golf Professionals, fresh out of the Golf Management Programs, are not only being educated on current Golf Industry Social Media Marketing, they are also young and of the modern technology generation who spend considerable time on their mobile devices. So, they are incredibly comfortable learning new technology. Give them some added responsibility of posting to your social media channels and sit back and watch your views, shares and likes grow!

And always remember, Google LOVES fresh, new content on websites. Actively posting more News / Blogs about your golf facility will improve your search engine rankings, and ultimately your bottom line!

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