The Key Features for Successful Golf Event Websites

The Key Features for Successful Golf Event Websites


There are over 10,000 Charity Golf Events that take place throughout Canada every year. If your golf facility plays host to any of these important events, you can help secure more Charity Golf Event business by considering adding “Golf Event Websites” to your list of services.


Not sure how to start? Contact us and we will provide you with the required background on how to successfully offer Golf Event Websites at your facility. Ask us about our “Event Website Partner Program” where our team here at YasGolf designs and develops the Event Website for your client and you get all the credit!


Learn about what key features are required for a successful Golf Event Website by watching the video below.


The Lucky Bastard Shootout, profiled in our educational video below, was recently introduced and features Online Player Registration and Payment, along with other key features to a successful Golf Event website.To help save you valuable time, we have detailed at what time frame in the video you can jump to and learn specific Golf Event Website features and benefits;


  • Introduction to Successful Charity Golf Event Websites
  • 05:20 – 4 Key Features of a Golf Event Website
  • 06:01 – Important Calls to Action
  • 07:20 – Tournament Details & Overall Value
  • 09:16 – Tournament Schedule Layout
  • 10:01 – Providing Maximum Sponsor Recognition
  • 14:38 – ICR Charity Classic / ICR Women’s Classic Website Profile
  • 16:31 – Tournament Hosts / Committee Feature
  • 17:02 – Event Schedule – Popup Feature
  • 17:56 – Effectively Promoting your Sponsors
  • 19:46 – Golfer Registration & Payment Process Utilizing GolfEMS
  • 21:24 – GolfEMS and YasTech Golf Partnership for Successful Golf Events



View some of our YasGolf Event websites;

  • Scotia Wealth Management Saskatoon Men’s Amateur – View HERE
  • Luck Bastard Shootout – View HERE


If you are interested in learning more about how you can effectively add “Golf Event Websites” to your list of services at your facility, contact us and we can help provide some solutions.

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