Is Email Marketing Dead? We Don’t Think So

Is Email Marketing Dead? We Don’t Think So.

We get bombarded by emails every day, and the inbox is a busy place, but everyone has an email address and everyone checks theirs multiple times a day. With the rise of social media networks like Facebook and Instagram, the thought is that no one is checking their email anymore. And while it’s certainly true that more people are living inside their Facebook stream, there is still plenty of opportunity to use email to remind people about your business.

Email is still one the quickest and most effective ways to communicate with people. To stand out in a busy inbox though, there are a few things to keep in mind when creating your newsletter:

  • Have good/relevant content for the audience – Don’t just spew out random thoughts and ideas, make your content engaging and educational.
  • Keep it short so it can be consumed quickly – If you have multiple points to make, keep them short and add links to your website where the user can read more about that point.
  • Use video when possible – Creating a video isn’t hard with modern technology like smart phones, so next time you want to enlighten your audience about what’s new at your course, have someone record you telling them, and post that video instead of typing it out.

How often to send out emails

It is important to find a good balance between being useful to your audience and being spammy. As long as you have something useful and relevant to say, send it. Also, when people sign up for a newsletter they are expecting to get some sort of promotion along with whatever other information you said they would get in their email, so don’t be afraid to include promos. As for an actual schedule, it is good to send out an email once a week if the content is light and easy to consume – (i.e. quick tips, weekly promotions, upcoming events). After a few emails you can also ask for feedback from your readers as to what they think.

How to send an email newsletter

One important thing to note though when sending emails, don’t just use your mail client like Outlook and Gmail, or your emails that go out might get marked as spam or not even send at all. You need to use an email newsletter service such as:

With any of these services you can create a professional email that can be sent out to your email lists. Setup is simple and after sending out the email, it also tracks how many people, and who, are opening your emails. This is important data that you can use to better target your audience in future emails.

If you are interested in staying in front of your audience and getting more for your marketing dollars, contact us and we can help you get setup. Don’t have time to create and send newsletters? No worries. Ask about our Website Content Management services today!

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