Improving Customer Service Through Technology

Improving Customer Service through Technology

One of the leading topics of conversation a recent NGCOA Conference in Calgary was far and away how golf courses can improve their customer service by utilizing technology. Specifically, how Golf Course Apps and Text Messaging can enhance the golfer’s experience at your facility.

Moving into 2020 and 2021, Golf Course Apps will continue to be a leading marketing tool for golf courses to not only grow their database, but vastly improve their overall customer service and engage more golfers. Simply purchasing Golf Course App services is not enough to improve your bottom line. Ongoing promotion and marketing of your Golf Course App needs to take place in order for you to truly realize the overall benefits with the help of technology.


YasTech Golf Team
Michael and Scott at the NGCOA Canada Conference

From our experience working with Golf Courses that incorporate Golf Course Apps into their marketing initiatives, here are some top methods to effectively grow your Golf Course App downloads;

Promote the App on your Golf Course Website

Your golf course website is your main marketing hub. With all of your marketing material (brochures, business cards, mail outs, etc.), your main objective is to drive people to your website. Placing a text link in the top header or bottom footer on your website will provide maximum exposure. Dedicate an area on your home page, or dedicate a full page, that promotes your app and provides easy directions for golfers to download and enjoy the app’s benefits. When sending out your ENews, add some text or a clean visual promoting the benefits of downloading your app. Run a regular contest to reward golfers that download your app.

Make it easy to Download

In addition to displaying text or images of your app and the benefits for the golfers, provide easy instructions on how golfers can download your app. Communicate regularly to your golfers about the various benefits and advantages of using your golf course app. Ensure your Pro Shop staff is well versed in assisting all golfers, young and old, with adding the app to their specific Apple or Android device.

Use Point of Purchase Material

Place some point of purchase displays on or near the Pro Shop counter, pin up posters in the washrooms and at the snack shack. Provide incentives for downloading the app. Utilize a QR Code on a poster that promotes quick and effective downloading. Be creative and make it incredibly easy for golfers to learn about your new App.

NGCOA Member Course Cooke Municipal Golf Course in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, does a fantastic job of promoting their Golf Course App throughout their website. They make it incredibly easy for their website visitors to download their app by placing “Download our Free App” text, along with Apple and Android links, directly in the top header which is visible on all web pages. Also, a large block of content on the home page features a strong visual of an iPhone and lists some key features of their app.

Visit the Cooke Municipal GC website –

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