How to use Pop Ups to Promote Your Golf Programs and Offers

How to use Pop Ups to Promote Your Golf Programs and Offers

Are you utilizing your Golf Course Website to promote your golf programs and offers? There are multiple strategies and techniques you can employ that not only help drive Pro Shop and Lesson revenue, but can also dramatically grow your database.

One of our personal favorite methods of promoting Golf Programs and Offers through your website, and one that is very easy to implement, is through “Pop Ups”.

Implemented correctly, Pop Ups can enhance the user experience and drastically improve conversion rates.

We’ve all seen Pop Ups as we browse the web, and some are simply annoying …. ign up for this, win that, go here, buy now. Over the last few years, Pop Ups have become more and more discreet and there are numerous options on how to implement them onto your website that doesn’t come across as pushy or desperate.

Here are our top 3 reasons to consider adding a Pop Up feature to your golf course website;

Customization: Why ask someone if they want to receive your Blog / News updates before they’ve read your updates? You can customize a Pop Up to show up only on the “Blog / News” page, which will prompt some of your website visitor to sign up for more updates. If you have an “Online Store”, you can customize a different Pop Up that appears after the visitor scrolls down the page. They may be on the fence about buying that limited edition golf print, but when your Pop Up hits them with say a 20% discount, game over. A point to remember; the highest converting Pop Ups don’t appear immediately.

Offer Specific Value: If you have a popular Loyalty Program or Lesson Program that sells out every year, you have an ideal opportunity to create a visually appealing, and timely, Pop Up that briefly details all the key information, and prompts purchases. Your Members and Guests will appreciate the friendly reminder to act on the offer when they visit your website. The best Pop Ups offer something of value. Strategically placing a Pop Up on your “Loyalty Program” page, with the words “limited”, “complimentary” and other trigger words will greatly enhance sales and ensure the program continues to succeed and grow.

Growing Your Contact Database: Many leaders in the golf industry believe that “he who has the largest database wins”. Using your golf course website as a harvester of contact names and email addresses is a must. Provide value and show some creativity in your Pop Up designs and your database is sure to grow. Track what Pop Ups convert the best for maximum effectiveness.

Following are the key elements to the ideal Pop Up;  it’s clear and direct; it has context; there’s enough time (displays after say 5 seconds); there’s personality; there’s value and the call to action matches your promise. To see a Golf Course Pop Up in action, visit the Dakota Dunes Golf Links website;


Pop Up Case Study – Dakota Dunes Golf Course, Saskatoon

We created the following Pop Up for the staff at Dakota Dunes, promoting one of their top selling Golf Programs. The Pop Up went live on May 28th, 2018, and we pulled the statistics on August 29th, 2018.

Dakota Dunes Pop Up

All the key details of the Program are touched on in the overall design of the Pop Up, with the name of the Program clearly promoted, total value offered (2 complimentary rounds), along with the price and a clean “call to action” (view more details). Website visitors are able to quickly decide if they want to take action on the Pop Up, or if they simply want to dismiss the message by clicking on a prominent “X” in the top right area of the live Pop Up.

A key factor in effectively adding Pop Ups to your golf course website is carefully programming the trigger parameters. We programmed the Dakota Dunes website Pop Up to display based on the following triggers;

  • Load Pop Up after 5 seconds
  • Load after visitor scrolls 10% down the page
  • Do not show for 21 days after visitor clicks on Pop Up
  • Do not show for 21 days after visitor closes Pop Up

As we create new Pop Ups for Dakota Dunes moving forward, we will utilize the ability to enable a Pop Up on specific pages. For example, if Dakota Dunes wants to offer say 20% off one of their online offers, we could design a targeted Pop Up which would activate as the website visitor scrolls 10% down the Online Offers page.

How effective have Pop Ups been for Dakota Dunes? Very. As mentioned, we created a Pop Up to further promote one of their most successful Programs, and the conversion rate was a very impressive 6%. In various industries, a conversion rate of 3% can be considered successful.



Being able to track the overall statistics of the Pop Up, we are able to accurately measure the effectiveness of any specific Pop Up that we implement. Moving forward, tracking year over year statistics, we will be able to pinpoint what time of year (and even exact days) are best for introducing our most effective Pop Ups.

Are Pop Ups the perfect solution for every Golf Facility? Absolutely not. We are just saying that, as quoted above, “Implemented correctly, Pop Ups can enhance the user experience and drastically improve conversion rates”.


If you are interested in learning more about how you can effectively add and utilize Pop Ups on your Golf Course Website, contact us and we can help provide some solutions.

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