How Is Your Golf Facility Promoting Your Hosted Golf Events?

How Is Your Golf Facility Promoting Your Hosted Golf Events?

If your golf facility hosts Golf Tournaments / Charity Golf Events on a regular basis, ask yourself this question as you prepare to reach out to the event coordinators and ask for their business this season;

What is our Golf Facility doing to earn your Golf Tournament business?

Event organizers typically have plenty of choices when it comes to choosing a host Golf Course to run their event at. There are numerous items that events looks for when choosing the host facility, these can include;

  • Price per golfer
  • Location
  • Driving range
  • Meal options & clubhouse amenities
  • Registration services
  • Tournament management solutions (scorecards, scoring…)

As a golf facility, you have numerous options when it comes to choosing your Technology Partners to help separate your Golf Event Services from those offered by your competitors. You’ve most likely heard about all of the leading tournament management services providers in existence today, including GolfEMS, Golf Genius, Gallus Golf and many more. Sure, these companies charge for their services, but in our opinion, it is money well spent. Just recently we were assisting a golf event here in Saskatchewan with setting up their golf event on Golf Genius, and at first glance the technology was a little intimidating. After diving into the features though, setting up the event online was a breeze.

More and more golf event coordinators these days are seeking golf courses that offer services like online registration to help ease the entire registration process. There are other ways your golf course can provide added-value to your hosted golf events….for free!

Offer Golf Event Organizers their own Webpage on your Golf Course Website

If your golf course website is built using WordPress, there are some amazing options for providing event details and registration for your hosted golf events. One of our golf course clients, Dakota Dunes Golf Links in Saskatoon, hosts many golf events each year and we worked together to provide them with a “Hosted Event Page” feature for all golf events that are looking at Dakota Dunes as their host.

The below page layout on the Dakota Dunes website for the Hands on Golf Tournament took about 20 minutes to create and provides the tournament with an attractive, information packed page that is displayed on the Dakota Dunes website. All of the important event details of the Hands on Golf Tournament are contained on the page, including; Date, Time, Cost, Format, Sponsors, Event Logo, Location, Organizer and more. There is a very tidy “Hourly Schedule” feature that gives attendees the chance to perfectly plan their day. The layout is easily replicated so that the staff at Dakota Dunes can quickly and accurately set up the same layout for other hosted golf events.


Benefits of Event Pages on your Golf Course Website

There are a couple of main reasons why we encourage golf courses to provide your golf events the opportunity to have their own dedicated “Event Page” on your website;

  • The golf event organizer(s) will most likely promote their event through their Social Media channels (Facebook, Twitter), and they will be able to promote the event page link, which will drive golfers to your golf course website. More golfers visiting your website equals more opportunities to gain more business.
  • All the event details are contained in one place. If the event has their own website, providing a direct link to their website from the event page is an added benefit. What tournament organizer WOULDN’T want some extra exposure for their event?

If you are interested in learning more about how you can utilize your Golf Course Website to help drive Golf Tournament / Charity Golf Event sales , contact us and we can help provide some solutions.

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