Is your Golf Course “Engaging” Golfers?

Is Your Golf Course Engaging Golfers?

The Golf Industry in Canada received some news recently that Cineplex has signed a partnership with Topgolf and plans to open multiple venues in Canada. Is this good news? We’ll leave that up to you to decide, but we do know one thing; the Golf Industry needs an injection of ways to “engage” the golfing consumer.

One of the core findings of the recent CANADIAN GOLF CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR STUDY, Conducted by NAVICOM on behalf of the National Allied Golf Associations (NAGA), is that there is a fundamental lack of engagement among consumers in the Canadian golf industry (engagement is defined as playing, following, supporting and endorsing the game). Those that are engaged represent 25% of the golfer population (approximately 1.4 million people), while 75% of the golf population (approximately 4.3 million) are of the mind that they can ‘take or leave the game’.

Read the “Canadian Golf Consumer Behaviour Study” Report…HERE

As YasGolf continues to conduct research on technology in the Golf Industry, it’s becoming more and more apparent that “Golf Course Apps” are one of the fastest growing sectors for marketing of golf courses, and one area where Golf Courses can grow their “engagement” of golfers.

Sure it costs the Golf Course anywhere from $500 to $30,000+ for a company to develop your custom Golf Course App, but the return on investment for the golf facility is priceless. There are many Golf Course App Developers in the marketplace, with various options and price points, but in general here are the most popular features that a golf course should be planning to offer through their own Golf Course App;

  • GPS / Loyalty Program / Book a Tee Time / Push Notifications / Rates & Course Details / Promotions / Events Listing / Live Scoring & Leaderboards / Location / Food & Beverage / Track Scoring Statistics / Geo Fencing / Social Media

Your golf course is going to identify some main features of your Golf Course App that are required, and some that are in your opinion, useless. Do yourself a favor and choose a technology provider that is #1, ESTABLISHED, and #2, GROWING. If you opt to conduct your search for a Golf Course App Developer based on price alone, you may come to eventually regret your decision. Technology providers, specifically in the Golf Industry, come and go. The ones that sustain their position in the marketplace, and better yet, grow, are the ones you want to do business with.

How does a Golf Course App directly benefit a facility?

  • Engage local (and visiting) golfers in playing more golf.
  • Stay current and competitive with other courses in your area.
  • Build relationships with golfers.
  • Deliver value to your golfers

Here at YasGolf, we do our best to remain impartial. But when it comes to important decisions like choosing a qualified Technology Partner, we have no reservations at all in recommending an industry leader in “Golf Course Apps” – Gallus Golf.

An important detail to remember when engaging your customers with your NEW Golf Course App…promote it. Announce the introduction of your app through your newsletter, on social media and posters at your facility. Mention that the app is FREE! Your goal is to grow the number of golfers downloading your app, which ultimately will grow your bottom line. And please don’t just throw up an image on your website, parked in an area that won’t get noticed…be proud, and place the announcement (along with a quality image) front and center on your website….visit our DEMO Golf Course site to see how to effectively position a Golf Course App promotion;

Back to the revealing CANADIAN GOLF CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR STUDY findings. One of the main conclusions of the study is that, “The game needs more engaged / loyal consumers – arguably more than it needs new participants“.

We couldn’t agree more, and encourage your Golf Course to consider investing in your own Golf Course App very soon.

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