Convert More Website Visitors to Regular Golfers

Convert More Website Visitors to Regular Golfers

So you’ve got a golf course website, and people are coming to your website, but sales aren’t growing or golfers aren’t becoming regulars, or better yet, Members. What’s wrong?

Most websites do a decent job at providing people with information about what your golf facility does and the products or services you have available, but most fail in encouraging visitors to do something.

Here are some ways you can improve at converting more visitors into paying customers.


The biggest mistake people make on their website is that they forget to ask the visitor to do something. They have paragraphs of information describing their product or service, but that’s it. If you aren’t asking visitors to “Book A Tee Time”, “Become a Member for a Day”, or simply “Contact for More Info”, you’re probably going to lose that customer.


Solution: Find areas in your content where you should be asking someone to take action, and add a button, link, or other call to action. Make sure it is something that stands out and can’t be missed (keeping it esthetically pleasing is important too). Don’t over do It though. Choose one objective per page and stick to that.


Many people who come to your website may be interested in your golf course or restaurant, but may not be ready to buy at that time. But what if you were able to still collect their information and ask for the sale at a later time? There are many ways you can do this. You can get them to:

  • Download a free case study, white paper or report that might educate them about your Golf Course or solve a problem they may have.
  • Offer a free seminar or webinar. You’re an expert in the Golf Industry industry, so help your clients learn more.
  • Sign up for a newsletter.
  • Enter a Promotion / Contest at your facility. Offer up some monthly FREE Draws or Contests. Get creative and place a Draw Drum in your Pro Shop with Entry Forms to capture customer email addresses and contact information.

Once you have an email list you can start engaging these potential customers by setting up an email marketing campaign to send them promotions and industry information, or follow up their sign up with a thank you note with more directed information about your product or service.


It is extremely important to provide clear, easy to read information about your facility and services. When describing your facility, make sure you explain the benefits of becoming a Member / Guest at your course and how your facility is unique from the course down the road. Keep your descriptive paragraphs short and use bullets or numbered lists wherever possible. This helps make your website easier to read and helps visitors find the information they are looking for sooner.

A growing trend in the Golf Industry is to utilize Video, showcasing your facility or Golf Academy to help convert more visitors into playing customers.


Take a few minutes to skim your website to see if you think there is room for improvement. Most likely there is. Commit yourself to DO SOMETHING TODAY because that next website visitor could be your next new Golf Club Member.

Want us to take a look at your website for you? Fill out our  Contact Form and we’ll be happy to take a look at your website and recommend ways to help you convert more visitors.


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