Adding New Functionality to Your Golf Course Website

Adding New Functionality to Your Golf Course Website

Often times Golf Courses feel they are extremely limited as to the overall functionality of their Golf Course Website.

Just because your golf course chose XYZ Company to design and develop your website, doesn’t mean that you have to remain entirely loyal and just use them to help you with any website edits or modifications. We strongly encourage golf courses to work as best they can with their website provider, but in some circumstances, this is just not feasible.

As technology in the Golf Industry continues to improve at a steady pace, there will be times where you question if you made the right choice in selecting your website provider. But before you get too concerned over if your website provider can meet your demands, one thing we highly suggest you do is find out if your course website was built using WordPress. Modern websites built using WordPress are not only incredibly easy to manage, but WordPress offers “WordPress Plugins” that effortlessly improve your golf course website without punishing your course budget.

What Exactly Can WordPress Plugins Do?

WordPress Plugins are apps that allow you to add new features and functionality to your WordPress website. Exactly the same way as apps do for your smartphone.

Some Golf Industry specific Features you can add to your WordPress website can include:

  • Book a Lesson (see screenshot below)
  • Events Calendar
  • Event & Tournament Registration
  • Newsletter / Contest Registration Popup
  • Information Bar / Slide In Bar
  • Online Store
  • and much more…



There is a popular saying in the WordPress community, “There is a plugin for that”. No matter what you are trying to do on your WordPress site, it’s possible. There are WordPress plugins to improve SEO, add contact forms, social media buttons, create galleries and so much more. Visit the following link and conduct a search for say “Lesson Booking” and a handful of offerings will show up;

More and more Golf Professionals are getting comfortable with modern technology, and we highly recommend finding ways to self-manage your Golf Course Website. Not only does is cut down on costs, but most importantly, the golf course can make immediate edits without contacting your website company and waiting for days (or worse yet, weeks!) for the edits to be completed.

In doubt as to if your Golf Course Website is built on the WordPress platform? Contact YasGolf today for a FREE Golf Course Website Evaluation.

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