How Adding a Book a Lesson Feature can Enhance Your Golf Course Website

How Adding a Book a Lesson Feature can Enhance Your Golf Course Website


Video #3 in a Series of 7 on “Potential Online Revenue Opportunities you can use to Bolster your Golf Course Bottom Line”.


Recently, the team here at YasTech Golf conducted some in-depth research on Golf Course Websites, and we uncovered some revealing insight. Focusing specifically on “Booking a Golf lesson”, we present some tips on implementing the service into your Golf Course Website.


Golf Lessons are one of the main revenue generators for Golf Courses. Your website visitors need to be given every opportunity to Book a Lesson via your Golf Course Website.


Technology in the Golf Industry can be very intimidating! Along with the intimidation factor, technology can be extremely expensive to implement at your facility. But it doesn’t have to be.


There are some affordable options when it comes to adding “Booking a Golf Lesson” functionality to your site, and in this brief video we describe how you can use your Content Management System (CMS) to customize your very own Lesson Booking system.


Learn more by watching this short 6 minute video.




#3 of 7 – Potential online revenue opportunities you can use to bolster your golf course bottom line. from YasTech on Vimeo.


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